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January 22-25, 2025
Nashville, Tennessee

The ultimate Sportsmans’ Market

The Safari Club International Convention is an annual event that brings together hunting enthusiasts, conservationists, and outdoor experts for exhibitions, auctions, and seminars focused on wildlife conservation and hunting adventures.

  • “If you missed this Convention, I’m sorry for you — it was that good, and that much fun.” – Craig Boddington
  • “Together we can enjoy the personal and satisfying connection to the great outdoors with friends and family and play a critical part in upholding our fish and wildlife legacy for generations to come.” – Richard Childress
  • “The hunt is a tradition that has been passed down for generations. It’s about more than just the pursuit of game; it’s about the pursuit of a lifestyle.” – Jim Shockey.
  • “The Safari Club International Convention is where the passion for hunting, conservation, and the thrill of the wild come together in an unforgettable celebration.”
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Extreme Sports Bike

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